Welcome to  what keeps me busy. I like variety, and without variety I get bored. In everything I'm involved in, I put forward my best possible work, drawing from knowledge of my varying experiences. The interesting (and my favourite) thing however, is when any or all of the things I'm involved in at any given time, intersect.

Presently, I am in my Master's of Climate Change (MCC) at the University of Waterloo. Previously I received a Bachelor's degree at Carleton University, majoring in computer science and minoring in technology, society and environment studies. 

My previous work includes the public and private sectors. I worked with the Government of Canada on the Open Government Portal project, which aims to provide government data and information in a format everyone can understand. I also worked in software development at Shopify. I dedicate much of my spare time to photography and climate conservation. I am a member of Protect Our Winters and previously volunteered  as a member of the Chief Information Officer of Canada's Digital Youth Advisory Committee. I also continue to look for ways to support the community I am living in.

I invite you to look around the site, check out what else keeps my busy, and contact me if you'd like! You can also view my LinkedIn

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